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Home Renovating Tips

1. Plan Ahead and Expect the Unexpected

As most project managers and professional renovators will tell you, something unexpected is always bound to happen. Talk to your builder about the process and make sure your contract includes estimated completion dates for each stage of the project. You’ll have a clearer picture of the project and be able to plan ahead. Have a Plan B and even Plan C in place, flexibility is the key to staying sane.

2. Know What You Want

Part of planning ahead is deciding exactly what you want to have done ahead of time. Clear up any grey areas before you sign contracts and start work. If you change your mind midway through the project, it will cost more, take longer to complete and not help your relationship with the tradies who are trying to do their job

3. Choose Your Trades Wisely

When you get quotes from builders and other trades, don’t always choose the cheapest quote. Look into their background, a good tradesperson will be able to give you references and show you examples of their work. They will be happy to answer all your questions and will work with you to make the job go as smoothly as possible.

4. Be Actively Engaged

Becoming actively engaged in the renovation will give you a sense of control and help you stay on top of the project. Talk to the tradies about the jobs they’re doing and when they’re not working, you can do some little jobs that will make their work go more smoothly when they return after the weekend. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you participated in the renovation.

5. Be Realistic

Extra expenses, a tradie absence, or rain on the worst possible day is not an uncommon occurrence. The list of things that can go wrong is a long one so you’ll need to be adaptable. Give yourself a 10 percent cost overrun budget and don’t plan on seeing the job completed quite on time. You might be pleasantly surprised when the job is completed on time and on budget, but if you accept in advance that it may not, you won’t be tearing your hair out if extra expenses come up or the job isn’t completed quite on time.

6. Have an Escape Plan

You don’t want to sit down and “relax” in a living room that’s just had a wall knocked out or that has a sheet of plastic in place of an external wall. Find one room you can count on to be clean, relaxing and comfortable. If you’re doing extensive renovations, try to plan them so you always have one room you can escape to.

Even a short break can save your sanity, so part of your renovation plan should include an escape plan.


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