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Company History

Jemade Design and Construction was founded in the Gold Coast in 2009 by Kevin Ryan, who is also the managing director and company licence holder. Previous to this Kevin and his father, Howard Ryan, had plenty of experience as home builders operating another building company, Charm Homes since 1994. Charm Homes Pty Ltd was established around Sydney in1993. It has grown annually since the company started operating, building a reputation on the quality of their new homes and house extensions at affordable prices. They relocated to the Gold Coast, combined the building design aspects of the business and also started afresh with a new company name. The name “Jemade” comes from the combined names of Kevin’s two daughters.

Quality Control

Whether you are constructing a new home or adding house extensions, we start by preparing a set of detailed construction plans. These plans are tested against a complex matrix check list, applying design principles and construction specifications which have been developed from working over 35 years in the business. One of Jemade’s unique approaches is that we only use our preferred sub-contractor tradies and suppliers, who have all been hand-picked by Kevin Ryan. This ensures the consistent quality and workmanship for which we have developed a reputation as home builders. The next big project for Jemade is our own display home in the Gold Coast which we believe showcases our best work as home builders. It is currently in the planning stages.

Schedule of Finishes / Design changes

We have an essentially unlimited selection of inclusions for new homes or house extensions. As home builders who have years of experience and an exceptional network of suppliers, Jemade has the resources to obtain any building product on the market and can customise your design to include the latest products and building services. Jemade offers access to high quality suppliers of: ceramic tiles, PC items, kitchen cupboards, white goods, and other such items. Kevin Ryan specifically hand-picks our supplier for their quality and level of service. Due to our extensive network of suppliers, our clients are able to customise their new homes or house extensions to a large degree. Our sales staff are trained to accommodate your individual requirements and will guide you through your inclusion selections, adjusting for your personal tastes and budget.

Tender Acceptance

Once our tender has been accepted, the initial deposit is paid and we start work preparing all the necessary contract documents. These documents include: final working drawings, engineer structural details, council approval, energy rating assessment, home warranty insurance, etc. As soon as these documents are prepared, you can enter into a building contract with us. At this point, we will require some evidence of funding for the construction.

We do provide free quotes and consultations on new homes and all sorts of house extensions, so please do not hesitate to make an inquiry. Our building director, Kevin Ryan, is available on 0413 243 380.

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