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Company History

Established in 2009 on the vibrant shores of the Gold Coast, Jemade Design and Construction embodies the vision of Kevin Ryan, our esteemed managing director and holder of the company license. Kevin’s journey in the realm of home building traces back to his earlier ventures alongside his father, Howard Ryan, under the banner of Charm Homes Pty Ltd since 1994. Beginning its legacy in Sydney in 1993, Charm Homes steadily burgeoned, renowned for delivering superior homes and extensions marked by quality craftsmanship at competitive rates.

Transplanting roots to the Gold Coast, we amalgamated the architectural prowess of our business while embarking on a fresh chapter under a new moniker. “Jemade” is a heartfelt fusion of Kevin’s daughters’ names, signifying our commitment to family values and personalized service.

Quality Control

At Jemade, whether you’re embarking on the construction of a brand-new residence or considering the addition of house extensions, our process commences with meticulous attention to detail. We initiate by meticulously crafting comprehensive construction plans, meticulously tested against a sophisticated matrix checklist. These plans are a culmination of over 35 years of industry expertise, integrating design principles and construction specifications honed through decades of hands-on experience.

Setting us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We exclusively engage our preferred subcontractors and suppliers, each meticulously handpicked by Kevin himself. This deliberate selection ensures unwavering consistency in quality and craftsmanship, a hallmark of our reputation as premier home builders.

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Jemade, including the creation of our very own display home in the heart of the Gold Coast. This project represents the epitome of our craftsmanship and innovation. 

Customised Inclusions and Design Enhancement

With an expansive array of options available, Jemade empowers clients with virtually limitless choices for their new homes or house extensions. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and a robust network of suppliers, we possess the capability to source any building product on the market, allowing for unparalleled customisation of your design with the latest products and services.

At Jemade, we pride ourselves on partnering with high-quality suppliers across various categories including ceramic tiles, PC items, kitchen cupboards, white goods, and more. Each supplier is meticulously hand-picked by Kevin himself, ensuring not only top-notch quality but also exceptional service standards.

Thanks to our vast network, clients enjoy the flexibility to tailor their new homes or extensions to their unique preferences to a significant extent. Our dedicated sales staff are adept at understanding individual requirements and preferences, guiding clients through the inclusion selection process while accommodating personal tastes and budget constraints. Experience the freedom of personalised customisation with Jemade Design and Construction.



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